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5 Signs of the Best Stock Investment You Must Know

Everyone certainly wants the best stock investment for their company, because of course these shares are something valuable for investors and also the company itself. It cannot be denied that people who are willing to buy shares in large quantities are truly sultans and true businessmen. because in the world of buying and selling shares it is very complicated, as well as the rivals that exist not only from within the country.

So for those of you who want to invest in stocks, it's better to study first so you don't end up regretting it later, at least get to know some of the characteristics that we are used to knowing in Indonesia, so besides paying attention to stocks, we also have to be observant in choosing which company to take, don't just go wrong. choosing a company because of the low price, this is clearly not ethical in the stock business.

5 Signs of the Best Stock Investment You Must Know

The characteristics of the best stock investment

In the following, we will describe some of the best stock investments that you can choose so you don't regret later, including:

#1. Anomaly stock with index
There is such a thing as an anomaly even though the price is falling but the index does not show a very drastic decline, why is it like that? Because when the index is red and this stock only drops one or two bars, for example, then it's clear that it will go up quickly, so you can choose this stock to buy, but the stock must be liquid.

#2. The open position is below the closed position of the stock
This stock is usually recorded to go up on the same day even though at the end of the closing it goes down but this will not affect the price later, in fact usually the next day this stock will go up from 10% or even more, so it can be concluded that this stock is a good stock for you who want to have it, because the potential is promising.

#3. Stocks with deep falls
This falling stock is usually called a parachuting stock, but it is in great demand by many people because it has a much cheaper price and still has the potential to bounce back later so that when the stock returns to normal, the profit you will get will reach 100% more than initial capital used.

#4. Amount that has been calculated
Make sure you ask for the nominal value of the shares, this is intended for requirements for accountants and later the law.

#5. Fair share value
When you enter the capital market there is such a thing as capital market analysis with the aim of finding the fair value of an ongoing share capital, so that no one will feel disadvantaged later, so the stock price that was in effect at that time will be clearly visible, and later you no longer need to look for or ask others.

Those are the five characteristics of the best stock investments in Indonesia. Next, let's discuss the types of stocks that are usually divided into two parts, see below:

The best types of stock investments

Next is to find out what is the best stock investment that we can dig up, the information is usually divided into two, namely:

#1. Types of common stock
This stock has a real owner, meaning that the risk will be borne by the investor not borne by the owner of the company, in this case indeed all risks are compared to the results later, if it is under a state the investor will not be exposed to dividends, but when If the company goes up, investors will get the results.

#2. Preference shares
These shares prioritize their owners so that company owners still have special rights so that company owners will not feel a loss even though they have to get high dividend payments, but there are several characters in these shares, namely having various levels that can be distinguished from nominal and must also have asset claims.

That's the best stock investment that you can learn first, before buying it, it's a good idea to study it first.

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