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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Children

Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Children | Children are susceptible to disease, be it infectious or congenital, and no parent is happy when their child is sick. To minimize the risk of a sick child, parents should consider having child health insurance.

Actually, newborn babies have registered health premiums for children managed by BPJS Kesehatan. However, if you feel that the protection is not relative enough, you can add it by registering insurance contributions with a private insurance company.

Parents must be selective in determining the best health insurance premium for their children. Therefore, let's look at tips on choosing the best health premium for children.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Children

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance for Children

1. According to the Needs & Health Conditions of Children

Not only adults, every child has diverse needs. For example, children with disabilities where they need further care until adulthood. Children's health insurance is not only aimed at children who are unwell, but for all children, including those with good and normal health conditions.

Choosing a child's health premium that suits your needs will be more beneficial as a result, the child will be protected by aporism. Have discussions with doctors and premium agents to get clear information & services.

2. Affordable Insurance Premiums

Before registering for a health insurance policy for children, parents need to ensure that the insurance paid is affordable using financial conditions.

Maximum protection for children is indeed a priority but don't let it disrupt financial flows. Consult premium benefits & facilities with agents. Ask if being able to add benefits at a later date when financial times are even better. That way, health protection for children is still there and your finances are not disturbed.

3. Have Various Insurance Benefits

Current health insurance premium products are not only limited to health protection benefits, but also other benefits such as investments & children's education funds.

Insurance benefits in the form of investment go into the unit link type premium. Part of the premium paid will be allocated for investments such as mutual fund investments, bonds, and others. There is an investment return that is obtained.

Some premium companies show the benefits of education funds to a certain degree. If you buy premiums from a newborn, this is the right choice. This is because, from Kompas research, the cost of education in Indonesia has increased by up to 6% each year.

4. Has a Wide Network

In order to be able to receive the best service, you need to choose an insurance company with an extensive network, inside and outside the city and even abroad. You will still receive protection wherever you travel with your children and family.

The breadth of the insurance network can make it easier to find the nearest partner hospital & children can immediately receive the benefits of coverage contributions.

5. Claim Process and Fast Insurance Waiting Period

For those of you who are new to global coverage fees, there is a word called the waiting period when making a claim. According to OJK, the waiting period is a certain time that must pass before claim payments can be made.

The waiting period for health insurance varies from 30 days to 90 days. This depends on the type of disease & insurance company chosen. Choose a child premium with a short waiting period.

6. Track Record of a Credible Insurance Company

Choosing the best health premium for children is by choosing a reliable coverage company, for example, one that is registered and licensed by the OJK. In addition, the company also has a good background and track record and minimal cases.

A credible premium company is one that is able to provide detailed product coverage to customers. The insurance premium agents employed are also competent & certified.

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