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Hobby Travels, Look at the Benefits of the Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurance or travel insurance is an insurance product that provides protection for someone while on a trip. This type of insurance is perfect for everyone who likes to travel. By protecting yourself using this travel insurance, you don't have to worry about unwanted things happening. Such as accidents during the trip, lost luggage, flight delays, etc. Because all costs incurred from losses have been accommodated by the company.

This type of product is very suitable for someone who has high mobility to travel both out of town and abroad. Protection is provided by the company as a service to reduce the financial impact and risk of loss experienced during the trip. Basically, this insurance is not required to have. However, for the sake of creating a sense of security and calm, it is highly recommended to buy this insurance.

Interestingly, the process of buying travel insurance is very easy. You can buy these products impromptu before departure time. In fact, there are not only official companies that provide this protection service, but flight booking applications, hotel booking sites, even at the airport. Although not required, several countries have special requirements that require all travelers to have travel insurance to apply for a visa.

Look at the Benefits of the Best Travel Insurance

The Best Type of Travel Insurance Is Rarely Known

There are several types of travel insurance that can be used as material for consideration in insuring, starting from the purpose of the trip, the time period, to the place where the departure begins. Now this is the type of travel insurance that is often found in Indonesia.

#1. Based on the purpose of the trip
This travel insurance is divided into 2 different types based on the purpose of the trip itself such as vacation destinations or work needs. The difference between these two types is the premium you will get. In general, insurance for work or business purposes has a larger premium offer compared to traveling or vacation purposes. Because the risk will be experienced also greater.

#2. Based on Place of Travel
Insurance can be distinguished based on the place of travel that is passed starting from land, sea, and even air. Apart from that type, the destination you will visit is also a consideration for companies in offering premium amounts. For someone who travels outside the city, then insurance is provided covering only domestic trip coverage. Conversely, if you travel abroad, the insurance provides coverage to mobilize trips abroad. The premium offered for overseas travel is certainly higher than the domestic premium.

#3. Total Insured
Travel insurance is also divided based on the number of insured individuals (individual travel insurance) or by group (group travel insurance). Premiums for groups will certainly be cheaper because they are joint ventures. Meanwhile, premiums for individuals will only be borne independently. Usually group travel insurance is often used by travel agents, schools, colleges, or communities who bring groups to travel long distances.

#4. Based on the Timeframe
Insurance can also be divided based on the time period, namely for single trip insurance or 1x trip or annual trip insurance for annual trips. If you have high mobility every year, then an annual trip can be the best and most suitable recommendation to choose from. Because with this annual insurance you no longer need to register insurance every time you travel. Of course the cost of annual trip insurance premiums will be much cheaper and guaranteed.

Benefits of Using Travel Insurance at the Best Agent

The role of travel insurance to protect your trip is much better, calmer, and well-commodated, of course, cannot be separated from providing attractive benefits for policy owners. Now, these are the interesting benefits of using travel insurance at a trusted agent.
  • There is a compensation fee for damage to loss of baggage.
  • Compensation costs due to delays or cancellation of transportation.
  • All costs of treatment and care have been borne
  • Compensation for death costs in the event of an accident
  • Coverage of medical and nursing expenses in the event of an accident.
  • Coverage of financial losses due to other factors.
  • Medical protection for medical expenses and cash compensation abroad
  • Emergency assistance such as medical evacuation, repatriation of bodies, etc
  • Protection for document loss during travel
  • Personal accident and permanent disability travel insurance benefits

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