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How to Register for Home Insurance

In this life we ​​must be prepared for various risks, to overcome this it is better if we buy home insurance to avoid things that are not wanted as above, it will be a different story if your house has been registered with home insurance, if this happens things that you don't want, then you just simply claim it to the insurer.

There are two types of home insurance

There are two types of home insurance, there is something called PSAKI and also All Risk, so these two things can only be used for private buildings, not for factory buildings and others, or this simple thing can only be used for normal housing, housing can also be included in it. Even flats can be registered into it.

Because this house policy only refers to occupancy standards, so it cannot be used for commercial buildings or buildings that are used for business because it is not the capacity if it is registered in this insurance, the benefits of this home insurance are also very many, the main thing is that unit compensation if being hit by this disaster is the most interesting of all things.

How to Register for Home Insurance

The following is an explanation of home insurance regarding PSAKI and All Risk

PSAKI is home insurance for risks or accidents caused by a fire that occurs in your home, of course this also refers to the national policy and is definitely in accordance with the rules of the game, it's just that there are a few points that must be considered. The first is that this home insurance will not giving claims to houses damaged by theft and floods, intnya only giving claims caused by fire.

All Risk is home insurance that provides a variety of compensation not only from fire, this insurance also replaces those affected by theft and vehicle crashes, so it's not just one item if you take this type of all risk insurance, here are a few points that can be explained, the first is the result of the fire, the second is the result of riots, strikes and evil deeds, exposed by other people also entered into it.

It's just that this insurance applies to homes, not to all existing buildings, the price of the premium provided by the insurance is also not arbitrary, it's all in accordance with existing and applicable laws in Indonesia, and also relates to your contribution as customers and also the insurer only then come out the appropriate numbers to be used later.

There are several ways to calculate the premium for a house that has been registered with home insurance. The first is to calculate the area of ​​the existing building and how much it will cost to build the house, so that later the premium costs for the building will come out, the size and estimated costs must be precise so that premium fee will be issued later.

Usually, if a large house costs a lot of money, it will also require a lot of money later and you have to arrange finances for the monthly bill, now that you know it, you will immediately calculate the premium rate so that you can immediately find out the value, because all components must be calculated, so The price range for the items in the house must also be calculated, usually the contents will be calculated separately and will be recalculated whether it is worth entering or not because there is a depreciation fee for each existing property.

Next are tips for choosing home insurance that is good and not complicated in terms of insurance claims, the first is that it must come from a large and trusted company, after that make sure the head office and branches are first, are they close to your settlement, if they are far away then consider again if you already have one around you, then look at your neighbors to see if any of them have joined the same home insurance agent, if so, continue to join them.

Enough of this article, we convey, in choosing home insurance you should not be in a hurry.

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