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Procedure for Car Insurance Claims So as Not to Be Rejected

The car insurance claim procedure must of course be understood by vehicle owners as well as car insurance customers. Because, sometimes unexpected things can happen. Therefore, vehicle owners must have protection to minimize the risk due to accidents or damage to the vehicle.

Currently, with the availability of a vehicle insurance policy, you no longer need to worry about repair costs or losses due to loss. Because, all of these things have become the coverage of the insurer according to the strongest agreement in the policy. However, to get an insurance claim there are several requirements and procedures that you need to pay attention to. The reason is, claims are often rejected because they do not comply with the policy. So what is the right car insurance claim procedure and in accordance with the policy?

Procedure for Car Insurance Claims So as Not to Be Rejected

Car Insurance Claim Terms

Before submitting an insurance claim, you need to prepare a number of conditions first. The following are the requirements in question:
  • Original document and copy of car insurance policy.
  • Photocopy of SIM and STNK.
  • Evidence of a police report if the car is seriously damaged due to loss, theft or loss.
  • Claim form that has been filled in completely and signed.
  • Write a chronology of events.
  • Attached photos of damage such as dented car body, scratches, etc.
  • Prepare a claim fee or own risk for the claim that you submit. Generally, the cost of claims ranges from Rp. 250,000 - Rp. 300,000.

Each company provides different insurance claim deadlines. Therefore, you can directly ask the customer service company that provides car insurance that you registered.

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

There are not a few cases where policyholders receive rejection of submitted car insurance claims. This is not because the insurance company is not responsible, but because there are terms and conditions that are not in accordance with the agreement on the policy. Therefore, so that your insurance claim is not rejected, consider the following tips for easy ways to claim car insurance.

#1. Contact the insurer as soon as possible
To submit an insurance claim, make sure you immediately contact the insurer as soon as possible and report the incident that befell the vehicle within a maximum period of 3x23 hours after the incident. The sooner you report, the easier it will be to submit claims and surveys. In carrying out this report, you are also expected to provide a chronological explanation in as much detail as possible that can be understood by the insurer. If reporting is done at the moment of the incident, the insurer will send a tow truck and take your car to a partner repair shop.

#2. Show evidence
The evidence in question is proof of an adverse event that happened to your car to ensure that the incident was not made up just for the sake of getting insurance money. If the car is damaged, the evidence that needs to be prepared is photographs of the damaged parts of the car. Meanwhile, if the car is lost while it is parked somewhere, then you must bring evidence in the form of CCTV footage or other evidence that confirms that the car was stolen.

#3. Describe the chronology of events clearly and in detail
In addition to evidence, you also need to present a clear and detailed chronology of events. The reason is, the explanation is also one way to claim a car insurance that determines whether a claim is granted or not. The clearer and more detailed the chronology you explain, the easier it will be for you to make a car insurance claim. Therefore, try to remember very clearly the series and sequence of events, starting from the location, time of incident, to the position of the car driver at the time of the incident. Not only that, the insurer will provide a number of questions in your explanation. Make sure you are able to answer it properly and not convoluted so that it is easy to understand. That way, the insurance claim process will run smoothly.

#4. Complete the requirements and submit it to the insurer
To make a car insurance claim, there are several required documents that you need. Among them are photocopies of identity in the form of driver's license and vehicle registration, insurance policies, evidence of the incident that happened to the car, and signed forms. Make sure not to miss any of the required documents. However, if the damage or loss is caused by a third party, a few additional requirements will be required. Starting from a statement letter demanding stamped compensation from a third party, a statement letter from a third party writing that the person concerned does not have car insurance services.

That's a little guide to the car insurance claim procedure that you need to understand so you don't experience rejection when submitting an insurance claim.

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